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L'arc en ciel
Lo siento,pero por ahora solo tengo la entrevista en ingles...enjoy it!!

1) Your height, weight, sight, feet size and ring size:

2) Your three size (B. W. H.):

3) What's the fun part in Concert Tour?

4) What's the fun part during recording?

5) Your most favorite transportation:

6) What do you want to buy in a convinient store?

7) How many years have you played instrument?

8) All instruments you have and instruments you want to try in the future:

9) Your most favorite school activity:

10) Your family members:

11) What do your family members called you? and what you're known as?

12) Your favorite color; scent; flower; fruit; animal and others:

13) Your favorite season:

14) Your fashion taste:

15) The world's greatest invention:

16) Things you want the most now:

17) Your forever idol:

18) Your most read magazine and watched TV program:

19) Which member will you marry to?

20) Your 3 most favorite CDs:


21) What Doramon's tool you want the most?

22) Sport, club, things you practiced:

23) If you have a chance to be in a CM and drama, what role you want to play?

24) Subject you need to work on more:

25) Average sleeping time:

26) Your consumption of cigarette, alcohol, coffee, tea, snack per day:

27) If you're not in the music business, what kind of occupation you will NOT do?

28) Your favorite female type and the first thing you'd notice about a female:

29) What's your childhood's dream/goal?

30) What do you want to be in your next life?

31) The thing that trouble you the most:

32) How many CDs, records you have? And how do you perserve them?

33) What's your most favorite L'Arc~en~Ciel song? Why?

34) What's your favorite animal or what pet do you have now?:

35) Music you listened to the most at home? at car?

36) When's your first date and what's the situation?

37) If suddenly you have a break, how would you spend time?

38) Your charm point:

39) What do you thing of "L'Arc~en~Ciel"?

40) Including yourself, what do you thing L'Arc members are?